Harmony Kingdom
Lord Byron's Harmony Garden:
Chapter 7

Byron's Bouquets

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Lord Byron is a dashing gentleman ladybug, who sought adventure and true love in Harmony Garden. Now that he's found his lady bug, Annabella, his story continues in Byron's Bouquets. Follow this delightful family as their little baby bug grows. Each gorgeous bloom-filled basket of the Byron's Bouquets series is cast in crushed marble and delicately hand-tinted in shades just right for baby. Collect them all!

Byron's Bouquet's have been discontinued, Order yours now while supplies last!

First Easter $30

It’s Baby Bug’s first Easter Day! Lord Byron, Annabella, and Baby Bug celebrate with an Easter egg hunt. Carrying their baskets into the garden, the family begins the search for colorful Easter eggs hidden amongst their garden’s rocks and greenery.

First Fourth of July $30

Lord Byron and his family celebrate Independence Day with a grand picnic. Baby Bug and Annabella cheer as fireworks explode in the air. This glorious red, white and blue bouquet suits the day perfectly.

Baby’s First Day of School $30

Fall colors mean it’s time to head back to school. Lord Byron and Annabella visit the classroom to see their baby bug off for the big first day. What teacher wouldn’t be charmed by the gift of a fresh, crisp red apple, just plucked from the tree?

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