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Angel Rings/Cherub Rings/Fairy Rings

Angel Rings/Cherub Rings/Fairy Rings

$ 19.95

The perfect gift for just about any occasion, these tiny Sterling Silver rings on Sterling Silver chains come with a sweet card featuring original photography and a reminder of love.  Rings are random designs, between 10-14mm each.  Each has an accompanying envelope in a corresponding color.

Our Cards are Handmade with Love in Berkeley Springs, WV.

The Three Cards:

Angel Rings

Your Guardian Angel is watching over you to protect you every day. When they see that you need an earthly reminder, they toss their magical rings down to Earth to bless you with Peace and Love.

Cherub Rings

These tiny rings were worn by Cherubs in Heaven. When they reach full fledged angel status, they toss their rings down to Earth to bless the mortal who wears them with Happiness and Love.

Fairy Rings

When the Fairies celebrate in the woods, they dance and sing in a Fairy Ring. On very special nights, that ring becomes real and is left under a magical tree to bless a very special person. All you have to do is hold your Fairy Ring to remember that there is magic in the world.