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Jilly's Garden Frillies

Jilly's Garden Frillies

$ 19.95

Happy Plants make Happy People

Even plants deserve to be decorated!

With hand-painted ceramic tops, European glass, crystal, rhinestone and metal beads, and topped by a silver stud, rhinestone, or pearl and rhinestone flourish, these adorable garden stakes will go in any plant, flower arrangement or garden.  Each of Jilly's Garden Frillies also includes a few glow in the dark beads for fairy lights at night!

Approximately 12" long, 1.5" top.

Choose your favorite color combination assortment.  Because they're hand made, no two are the same.  If you have a preference, feel free to make a note and we'll do our best to accommodate.  Or, if you have a specific color combination you want and don't see, shoot me an e-mail and we'll do our best to help!

Made right here in Berkeley Springs, I decided that more than enough things have been named after me - the store and the Jules Tones chimes! - so these are named after my beautiful Momager Jill.  My godfather always called her Jilly, even though no one else ever did.  :)  The Momager is a major gardener, always with something growing ... just to feed the wildlife some days.  It's not unusual (especially in the summer) to be on the phone with Mom and hear her start yelling out the door at the deer to get OUT of her GARDEN!  (They usually stop eating long enough to look at the crazy lady yelling at them.  Hey, for them it's dinner and a show!)