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Holy Sit - 2003 Santa

Holy Sit - 2003 Santa

$ 75.00

Part of a beautiful collection purchased from a former collector, this box has been carefully checked and is in perfect condition with the original box. ~ Jules


Artist:    Peter Calvesbert
Collection Name:    Timed Editions
Subset Name:    Holiday
Made In:    England
Status:    Retired
Carving Date:    2003
Release Date:    5/19/2003
In Store Date:    8/1/2003
Retirement Date:    12/31/2003
Edition Size:    3714
Dimensions (Inches):    2 x 2.8 x 3.9
S e c r e t s:
What would a newly designed Santa for the modern age look like? Political correctness would probably put Mr. Claus out of a job. His bulging waistline makes him a poor role model, the beard seems to say “untrustworthy” and red always spells danger. As for the shock of white hair – would Reagan have been elected president with white hair? And has Santa undergone any sort of psychological evaluation before being allowed to work with children? Don’t even start about the workforce of elves and keeping wild animals as pets. Santa takes all the notes from management telling him how to improve and uses them for toilet paper. To sum up…”Rock on, Santa.” On the interior, Peter Calvesbert’s investments are going down the pan. The mouse watches from a niche inside the lid.