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Fyodor Dostoevsky - Harmony Ball - Jules Enchanting Gifts

Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Interior: Meat Cleaver

Fyodor Dostoevsky Concisus Genus
Fyodor Dostoevsky was a Russian novelist, journalist, and short-story writer whose psychological penetration into the human soul had a profound influence on the 20th century novel. He is considered by many the founder of 20th century existentialism. Dostoyevsky was the second of six children, born in Moscow in 1821. His father was a retired military surgeon and violent alcoholic. After the death of his mother in 1837 he was sent to St. Petersburg, where he entered the Army Engineering College, graduating as a military engineer, but resigning in 1844 to devote himself to writing. His first novel, Poor Folk appeared in 1846, the same year that he joined a group of utopian socialists. He was arrested and sentenced to death in 1849 for his involvement in the liberal intellectual group, the Petrashevsky Circle. His sentence was commuted to imprisonment in Siberia, where he spent four years in hard labor and was forced into the Siberian Regiment. He returned to St. Petersburg in 1854, publishing three works that derive in different ways from his Siberian experiences: The House of the Dead, The Insulted and Injured and Winter Notes on Summer Impression. In 1857 Dostoyevsky married a 29-year old widow. Between the years 1861 and 1863 he served as editor of the monthly periodical Time, which was later suppressed. In 1864-65 his wife and brother died and he was burdened with debts, making his situation worse by gambling. From the turmoil of the 1860s emerged Notes from the Underground, a watershed in Dostoyevsky's artistic development. It was followed by Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, and The Possessed. Dostoyevsky married Anna Snitkin, his 22-year old stenographer, in 1867. They travelled abroad and returned in 1871. From 1873 to 1874 Dostoyevsky was editor of the conservative weekly Citizen, and in 1876 he founded his own monthly, The Writer's Diary. By the time of The Brothers Karamazov, which appeared in 1880, Dostoyevsky was recognized in his own country as one of its greatest writers. An epileptic all his life, Dostoyevsky died in St. Petersburg in 1881.