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Violet Overboil 13" - Charles Viancin - Jules Enchanting Gifts

Violet Overboil 13"

$ 19.95

13" Overboil Lid - Designed for 11.5" Pots

So I have this problem. Every time I make mashed potatoes the pot boils over and makes a mess on my stove. It doesn't matter if I put the heat on "just think warm thoughts" and stand an inch from the pot waiting and watching, inevitably something happens and it winds up boiling over. I'm famous for my mashed potatoes, but lemme tell you, around my house on Easter and Thanksgiving it always smells like singed potatoes.

Enter the Overboil Lid. *heavenly chorus sings* This amazing lid goes on your pot and creates a seal along the outer edge. There's a hole in the middle so you can stir or season and you can put either a pot lid or another Charles Viancin lid on top while you're cooking, though the anti-spill shield will help prevent splatters even without another lid. If it starts to bubble up, it comes up through the center where you can beat it back with a whip and chair (not included) although with the way the design is, I don't think that's going to be an issue.

Bring it on potatoes, I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving now!

Update: So I know ever since I posted about my struggles to make mashed potatoes without them boiling over and making a mess on my stove you guys have been worried with how Thanksgiving would go. First of all, ya'll are so NICE to be concerned about me, thank you so much! Second, guess what? I have finally conquered the problem! *pausing for the cheers, smiling modestly* I had some help, our new Charles Viancin Overboil Lid worked PERfectly, even when I wandered out of the kitchen, got distracted, and didn't remember the potatoes were on the stove for a bit. Um, oops. Thankfully when I wandered back in there was no potato water lake on my stove, just a well mannered pot full of potatoes with a pretty (and fantastically functional!) lid. It's definitely a kitchen staple for me from now on.