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Cover Up - 2020 Santa

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Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Made In: England

Release Date: 10/7/20

Timed edition available until 31st March 2021

Secrets from Peter:

What a year 2020 has been! Santa has taken on several of the hot issues this year!

Hazmat suits and PPE have replaced the traditional wardrobe as our 2020 Santa and Rudolph contemplate visiting millions of homes whilst socially distancing during a global pandemic.
Meanwhile, two creatures with battered reputations escape from a Wuhan market crate, wondering where they can find a good PR company.
There are lots of hidden secrets, all explained in the story card included with this piece. Most notably there are TWO secret compartments in this brilliant piece and a Tiny Treasure elf (pictured) resides inside one of them. 
Pete has hand painted every one of these pieces so a truly hand produced by the artist piece! 

Thank you for your patience in waiting for this popular piece. COVID has taken its toll on casting speeds.