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Firkin Hell

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Artist: Peter Calvesbert

Made In: England

Release Date: 4/23/22

Secrets from Peter:

Inspired by the saying 'shooting fish in a barrel', Pete switched the heat up on this barrel and armed the fish to the teeth to defend themselves! Carved with Pete's usual humour, we have previewed this piece on our social media pages to a great reception so it looks like being a popular addition to the Treasure Jest collection.

This is a fixed edition of 500.

Firkin Hell will contain a hidden Tiny Treasure fish inside!

There are six different carving variations of the Tiny Treasure fish which will be packed and sent out randomly so it will be a surprise which you receive. All are delightfully quirky and carved and hand painted by Pete.

There will be a similar number of each interior which are as follows:
Fish wearing handcuffs
Fish wearing a hat
Fish wearing a tie
Fish with blue painted back fin and tail
Fish wearing a watch and a bracelet
Fish with orange eyebrows