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House Party Peter Calvesbert - Harmony Kingdom - Jules Enchanting Gifts

House Party Peter Calvesbert

$ 50.00 

Artist: P. Calvesbert
Made In: England
Exclusive To: HOL Artist Signing Tour
Status: Event
Carving Date: 2001
Release Date: 5/22/2001
Edition Size: 1372 PC / 851 AB
Dimensions (Inches): 3.75 x 2.5 x 3.5

S e c r e t s:
The House of Lords, Harmony Kingdom's highest level of dealership, takes its name from a chamber of the British Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as Peers. Three animals, a badger, pig and fox, engage in some of the activities of the members of the British House of Lords. They also represent three environmental issues in Britain. The badger reads his agenda: a discussion of the foot and mouth epidemic, followed by lengthy subsidised lunch at one of the many nearby pubs. His environmental statement is against the gassing of badgers. The pig is sleeping off his heavy, boozy luncheon, clutching a hot water bottle to his belly. His concern is foot and mouth. The fox appears to protest hunting. The pheasant under the badger agrees with the fox. The back of the bench is covered in grafitti. "1852 Pugin" refers to the man who rebuilt the House of Lords in 1852. "Iron Lady Rust in Peace" and "I (heart) Thatcher" refer to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. "Wot no peers" references the fact that peers may soon become an endangered species. Another hunting protest is scrawled above the number for a high-class madam "Miss Whiplash." Peter Calvesbert's signature mouse is tucked under the fox's chin. On the interior are four snapping turtles going "blah blah blah," as this is what the function of the House of Lords seems to be. On the Adam Binder variation the pig's bottle is purple and the fox wears a yellow jacket. For the Peter Calvesbert variation the water bottle is green and the fox dons an orange jacket.