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On The Bridge: Two burley seamen argue about who is steering the boat, both not realising that the propellers are not actually in the water. Behind them, a bird holds a blank map that the puzzled navigator attempts to decipher. Is the bird’s nest atop the funnel to stop pollution? A mink has escaped from a fur farm, and an extinct dodo gazes wistfully at her egg. A poetic vulture (Have a Heart) confers with a wolf in sheep's clothing (Mutton Chops). On the Bow: The cannon points into the future. The military man in blue and his canine companion keep lookout to prevent warfare. On the Stern: The voluptuous woman serenely steers the boat using a low-tech tiller. She is our Earth mother, representing fertility and protection. Nonetheless, the pig thinks about jumping ship as he's heard that the burley seamen love BLT's. On the Mid-Ship: A zebra and lion dine together peacefully. Will it last? Sitting on the steps is “The Garden Prince,” who has abdicated as host of The Garden Party to come along for the Millennium ride. Mad Murphy, always involved in intrigue and adventure, joins the crew, while Rocky plays sax for Santa, who belts out a hearty “Ho Ho Ho.” The commotion doesn't seem to affect the amourous lovebirds that are nestled beak to beak. Inside The Cabin: Two angels are gambling with cards, a reference to Albert Einstein’s famous quotation, “God does not play dice.” While they bet on the outcome of the year 2000, they guard the silver seed, nature’s genetic future. Behind them, a man scrubs a pig in the hope that anachronistic dogma will disappear from the world’s religions and leave the earth a place of peace. Inside The Hull: Consumption is the theme of the hull. Lord Byron quietly creates the eco-system in the stern of the ship. It is clear that the large gold fish will not fit through the porthole. On the port side, the seal represents nature biting back. The dinosaur gazes lovingly at its new parent, the scientist. The bug near the dinosaur eggshell is, of course, the Millennium Bug. Below the bug, an ape receives instructions from top deck. He is happy and helpful, unlike the larger ape opposite him (man’s dual nature). Tubs the Turtle makes a hasty exit. Inside The Latrine: Don’t open the door to the latrine. You might shock Dolly, the first genetically cloned animal who is enjoying a quiet moment with The Financial Times. Hallmarks include ©, star, HBC logo, ed.#, and M.


Jules Note - Part of a collection purchased from the estate of a former collector, this piece has been carefully cleaned and checked and is in perfect condition.  The outer green (original) box shows some storage and age wear.


Ship of Animals and People
Artist: Mark Ricketts
Made In: China
Carving Date: 1998
Release Date: 1/1/1999
Retirement Date: 12/31/1999
Edition Size: 15594
Dimensions (Inches): 5 x 3.54 x 4.53