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Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Made In: England

Release Date: 6/26/21

Secrets from Peter:

Hearing about how the population of hippos has grown in South America - accidentally! Pete was inspired to create this tongue in cheek piece!

The hippos were released into the wild following the death of Pablo Escobar – and having no predators, flourished in the South American jungle and the rise of the so-called ‘cocaine hippos’ began. In this piece the hippos are also having the last laugh enjoying the fruits of Mr Escobar’s ‘labour’. Carved around the lid are some secrets, explained in the story card enclosed with each piece.

Pete struggled to choose a colour for this piece so we asked our collectors to select their favourite – it was an even split, so there are two colour variations on this piece with 300 produced of each colour.

Version 1 Is the pink hippo on the left of the photo, Version 2 the more yellow one on the right.

This is fixed edition of 300 of each piece so order yours quickly so you don't miss out.