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Howling Tree Inn - Harmony Kingdom - Jules Enchanting Gifts

Howling Tree Inn

$ 55.00

Artist: Ann Richmond

Collection Name: Picturesque

Subset Name: Solo Tales

Made In: China

Status: Limited

Carving Date: 2000

Release Date: 6/1/2000

Edition Size: 3000

Dimensions (Inches): 6 x 1 x 6


Secrets:  The local hounds are enjoying some Christmas cheer, their carol singing fuelled by a keg of ginger beer. The bloodhound has donned a Santa Claus hat and the Dalmatian a bunch of ornaments to get everybody in the mood. A “Heinz 57” variety of mongrel and a beagle tuck into a bowl of “ciao” (“chow”). Alfie guzzles beer straight from the tap and sports a sticking plaster on his backside, perhaps from an overly enthusiastic encounter with the poodle. A friendly husky leans on the Dalmatian’s shoulders and an English gentleman of a bulldog smokes a Churchillian cheroot. At bottom left, the St. Bernard looks a little squiffy after drinking the unknown contents of his own barrel. The aforementioned poodle sits atop the piano in a pose made familiar by RCA’s dog Nipper. Signs read “Carols at Ye Old Dog & Duck” and “AVA Taxis of Stroud.” A falling bottle, partially concealed, contains “The Dog’s Bollocks,” which is a local brew of some strength, we’re told. The moon is visible through the open front door and in the rafters a bird and a mouse look bemusedly at the goings on below.