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Notes to my Son - Omni Publishing - Jules Enchanting Gifts

Notes to my Son

$ 24.95

Written by Vesna Bailey

Book Size: 8.5" w x 7" h. Black and White Hardcover edition - 120 pgs

story of notes


... Begins at Home

One day, not long ago, my son was preparing to leave home for university. I quickly grasped that this was a huge milestone as in effect he would be leaving his childhood behind forever. The tip of the pen plunged to the depths of my heart – to bring to surface words that would last him a lifetime; words that would see him through life’s most rewarding moments, as well as hold him steady through the stormiest of moments. My intent was to celebrate the person he had grown into, and to offer inspiration that would guide him in always making choices worthy of the person he is, and worthy of the world we live in; that would leave him with an undying passion for life, an attitude of responsibility and gratitude, and would leave him shouting, “I love living!” ... and so, this private communication shared between mother and son was born. Soon, friends and family were urging me to publish Notes To My Son – Before You Go.

The following year, it was time for my middle daughter to embark on her own, university bound journey as well. Regardless of the fact that readers were asking for a follow-up “Daughter” book, Notes To My Daughter – Before You Go was already in the making. After a book like Notes To My Son - Before You Go, what else is there left to say? My heart unravelled in a language a daughter would understand. In many ways, Notes To My Daughter - Before You Go is a continuation of the tapestry that weaves a love affair with all of life ... and fosters an extraordinary surge to reach for an uncommon happiness.

I hope you will love reading and sharing the Notes Before You Go books as much as I loved writing them.


  • · Graduation
  • · Leaving Home
  • · Wedding
  • · Father's Day
  • · Mother's Day
  • · New Baby
  • · Birthday
  • · Christmas
  • · Friendship ... and ANY Time!