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Poppy Spill-Proof Lid 9"

Poppy Spill-Proof Lid 9"

$ 19.95

Designed for 8.5" Bowls

The new Charles Viancin Spill-proof lids are absolutely awesome!  With a silicone lip the wraps around the edge of your bowl or pot, they are not going anywhere, even if they get jostled in the fridge or transporting them!

The airtight seal keeps food fresh for longer and seals in heat during cooking. Safe at high temperatures, helps prevent spills and saves the waste of tin foil and plastic wrap. My personal favorite part is that it will go from fridge to microwave or stove and back again without digging for another lid, then when you're done a quick trip through the dishwasher and it's ready to use again! Let me repeat that because I'm still so amazed, these lids will go on the stove, in the oven or in a microwave and won't melt. Seriously! They're also BPA free, which was the first thing my mom asked. I love that I finally have a lid that fits my big skillet and my big mixing bowl and the same lid works for anything smaller just as well.