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Barred Owl

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Interior: Frying Pan (who cooks for you)  The interior carving within your owl Pot Belly is a three-dimensional representation of the species’ vocalization.
5% of owl Pot Belly proceeds are donated to Back to the Wild, a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and education center in Castalia, Ohio.
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Barred Owl Basics
Length: 17 to 24 inches
Wingspan: 44 inches
Mostly nocturnal, but some daytime activity reported
Males and females have identical plumage and are monogamous
Preys on wide range of small mammals, snakes, frogs and small birds
Cavity nesters, but may raise young in abandoned squirrel, crow or hawk nests
One of the most widespread and numerous of the large North American owls
Live in wet areas and deep woods
Nonmigratory; will spend entire lives within same territory