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Elf Owl

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Purchased from a collectable store that went out of business, this piece has been carefully checked, and is in perfect condition with the original box.

Interior: Squeegee (Call sounds like cleaning glass) The interior carving within your owl Pot Belly is a three-dimensional representation of the species’ vocalization.
5% of owl Pot Belly proceeds are donated to Back to the Wild, a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and education center in Castalia, Ohio.
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Elf Owl Minutiae
Also known as Texas Elf Owl, Whitney’s Elf Owl, and Dwarf Owl
5 to 6 inches in length
15 inch wingspan
Smallest owl in North America
Lives in Southwest USA to Central Mexico
Total nocturnal activity; rarely flies during the day
Migrates seasonally within their range
Most abundant in deserts but also found in woody habitats, ravines, canyons, and mountain slopes
Frequently found at elevations from 2000 to 7200 feet
Favorite nesting location – hollowed-out saguaro cactus – but also takes up residence in tree cavities and cottonwood thickets
Diet consists of insects, small reptiles, and occasionally small mice
Not aggressive – prefers to fly away instead of to fight
Surprisingly noisy fliers