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Hawk Owl

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Purchased from a collectable store that went out of business, this piece has been carefully checked, and is in perfect condition with the original box.

Interior: Little Lulu cartoon - Call sounds like "lulu lulu" (The interior carving within your owl Pot Belly is a three-dimensional representation of the species’ vocalization.)
5% of owl Pot Belly proceeds are donated to Back to the Wild, a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and education center in Castalia, Ohio.
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Northern Hawk Owl Minutiae
Believed to be most highly evolved of all owl species
14 to 17.5 inches in length
33 inch wingspan
Found in northern-most portions of North America and Europe
Most diurnal of all owl species
One of the most undeveloped facial disks of all owl species
Lemmings, mice, and small to medium sized birds make up majority of its food
Prefers open coniferous forests and nesting near a bog or other aquatic habitat
Not social - seen mostly singly or in pairs
Extremely fast fliers - believed to be the fastest of all the owls