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John Quincy Adams - Harmony Ball - Jules Enchanting Gifts

John Quincy Adams

$ 15.00

Interior: I'm guessing ice since he swam in the freezing Potomac every morning, every season.  (Brrrrr!)

Discontinued, Limited Supply Available!


John Quincy Adams Curriculum Vitae

Presidential Number: 6th

Years President: 1825-1829

Party Affiliation: None

Main Contenders: William Crawford, Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson

State Represented: Massachusetts

Birthday: July 11, 1767

Place of Birth: Braintree, Massachusetts

Higher Education: Harvard College

Prior Occupations: Lawyer, Senator, Diplomat, Secretary of State

Nickname: "Old Man Eloquent"

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches

Hobbies: Gardening, Swimming, Poetry, Astronomy, Attending Church

Pets: In 1826, the Marquis de Lafayette gave him an alligator, which lived in the White House for several months.

Legacy: Adams believed that it was constitutional and appropriate for the federal government to sponsor broad programs to improve American society and prosperity. He backed Henry Clay's proposed "American System," envisioning a national marketplace in which North and South, town and country were tied together by trade. To realize this vision, he proposed to Congress an ambitious program involving the construction of roads, canals, educational institutions, and other initiatives. Lacking congressional allies, Adams was unable to maneuver most of these programs into law. Congress also blocked many of his foreign initiatives. His support of the so-called Abominable Tariff of 1828, which protected American interests but caused higher prices, cost him popularity among the voters. Running for reelection with little prospect of success and having decided not to campaign personally, he was overwhelmed by Jackson in a vicious campaign. He carried only the New England states, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Trivia: Andrew Jackson had more popular and electoral votes, but Adams was elected by House of Representatives because no one had a majority. Despite being extremely religious, he was first president who didn't lay his hand on the Bible to take the oath of office (Theodore Roosevelt was the only other). Devoted reader of the Bible - read it cover to cover every year. First president to have his photo taken. Although he believed enjoyment was a sign of weakness, he installed first pool table in White House. He jumped into icy Potomac for a swim almost every morning of his life, in the nude. Not interested in clothes - it was rumored that he wore same hat for 10 years. Only person to serve in U.S. House of Representatives after he served as President, serving for 17 years until his death.