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Lyndon B. Johnson - Harmony Ball - Jules Enchanting Gifts

Lyndon B. Johnson

$ 15.00

Interior: Peace Symbol

Lyndon B. Johnson Curriculum Vitae
Presidential Number: 36th
Years President: 1963 - 1969
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Main Contenders: Barry Goldwater
State Represented: Texas
Birthday: August 27, 1908
Place of Birth: Johnson City, Texas
Higher Education: Southwest Texas State Teachers College, Georgetown Law School
Prior Occupations: Teacher, rancher, public official
Nickname: “LBJ”
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Favorite Food: canned green peas, tapioca, ice cream, pancakes, spinach souffle
Hobbies: fishing, hunting, riding
Pets: Dogs named Him, Her, Freckles, Edgar, Blanco, and Yuki; hamsters and lovebirds
Legacy: Johnson's domestic program, called the Great Society, was an extension of the New Deal. In foreign affairs, he pursued the U.S. postwar policy of containing Communism. At the end of his term it seemed likely that the frustrations of US involvement in the Vietnam War (1959-1975) would overshadow his impressive domestic record and his less successful efforts to improve relations with the USSR.
Trivia: Johnson and his wife, "Lady Byrd", were married with a $2.50 wedding ring bought at Sears, first president to name an African American cabinet member, he rejected his official portrait painting saying it was "the ugliest thing I ever saw."