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Mona Lisa - Harmony Ball - Jules Enchanting Gifts

Mona Lisa

$ 15.00

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Interior: Vitruvian Man

Mona Lisa Hagiography
Lisa Gherardini Giocondo (Mona Lisa), daughter of a Florentine nobleman, was born in 1479 and would have been about 24 years old when Leonardo da Vinci painted her. In 1495, she married Francesco del Giocondo who was twice a widower and 19 years her senior. He acquired wealth in the silk trade and is believed to have commissioned da Vinci to paint his wife's portrait, though it did not end up in his collection. Leonardo transported the Mona Lisa for years, taking it to Milan, Rome and France and impressing other painters with his mastery of style and technique that had never before been seen. In the 1530's the painting was acquired by Francis I, King of France. Viewing was reserved for the upper class at the Fontainebleau, a 16th century chateau. During the 1700's it was kept in the king's private residence. In the 1800's it hung in Napoleon’s bedroom in the Tuileres until 1804 when it was moved to the Grand Galleries of the Louvre Museum. When the Louvre opened to the public, the Mona Lisa first became accessible to the masses. By the mid-1800's she was a legend, becoming the subject of plays, cartoons and tributes. Because the Mona Lisa is priceless she is uninsured.