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Potter - Harmony Ball - Jules Enchanting Gifts


$ 15.00

Interior: Carrot

Rabbit Minutiae
80 varieties of domestic rabbits
Oldest fossilized rabbit skeleton discovered in China and dates back 30-40 million years, placing the rabbit amongst the oldest living mammals in the world
Rabbits are not rodents; they are lagomorphs and are most closely related to horses
Litters range from 2 to 8
Newborn rabbits called kittens, female rabbits does and male rabbits bucks
Mother rabbits nurse young for only 5 minutes during the night and disappear from the nest all day
Eyes set to the side of their heads to allow for almost 180 degree vision
Ears can be turned in any direction to alert them of danger
Teeth continually grow and must be worn down by gnawing and chewing
Herbivores Crepuscular, meaning most active at dawn and twilight
Very friendly towards humans and sometimes purr to show affection