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Rockhopper Penguin - Harmony Ball - Jules Enchanting Gifts

Rockhopper Penguin

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Interior: Rocks

Rockhopper Penguin Minutiae
Distinguishing Features: They are the smallest of the crested penguins, divided into three sub-species (Southern, Eastern, and Northern).
Habitat: They breed on nearly all sub-Antarctic islands, as well as islands off of Argentina and Chile.
Height & Weight: Adults stand between 1 to 2 feet. Typically they weigh around 6 pounds but can weigh up to 11 pounds.
Population: Southern: 650,000 pairs. Eastern: 800,000 pairs. Northern: 350,000 pairs. The Falkland Islands used to be the world's largest breeding site, with an estimated 2,500,000 pairs in 1984. This has declined to around 300,000 due to commercial fishing.
Breeding: Breeding colonies may be very large, with up to a hundred thousand nests at a single breeding site. Colonies are often shared with albatross and cormorants.
Nesting: Not only do they return to the same breeding site each year, but they also utilize the same nest, which they refurbish with stones, sticks and vegetation. Two eggs are typically laid but normally only one chick is reared (except for the Southern Rockhopper that rears both if conditions are favorable). Adults share duties during the 32 to 34 day incubation period in long shifts of typically 10 days.
Behavior: Despite being amongst the smallest of penguins, they are the most aggressive. They show little fear of people or of birds and animals larger than themselves. They also like to hop rocks; hence their name. Diet: 70% of the diet is krill, with small fish and squid making up the remainder.
Did You Know?: Rockhopper penguins like to bathe regularly.   (Thank goodness!)