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Rutherford B Hayes

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Interior: Telephone - First president to use a phone in office

Rutherford B. Hayes Curriculum Vitae

Presidential Number: 19th

Years President: 1877-1881

Party Affiliation: Republican

Main Contender:  Samuel Tilden

State Represented: Ohio

Birthday: October 4, 1822

Place of Birth: Delaware, Ohio

Higher Education:  Kenyon College, Harvard Law School

Prior Occupations: soldier, general, lawyer, congressman, governor

Nickname: Dark-Horse President, Rud, Old Granny, Rutherfraud, His Fraudulency

Height: 5’ 8”

Favorite Food: cornmeal battercakes

Hobbies: croquet, driving, shooting

Pets: Hector, a Newfoundland dog; Duke, an English mastiff; Grim, a greyhound; Otis, a schnauzer; Dot, a cocker spaniel; Juno and Shep, hunting dogs; Jet, a mutt; Siam, the first Siamese kitten in America; Miss Pussy, another Siamese cat; Piccolomini, a cat; a goat; a Mockingbird; 4 canaries; pedigreed Jersey cows; several carriage horses

Legacy: After winning the presidency in one of the most contested elections in American history, he led the country through the end of Reconstruction and resigned after one term in office. Hayes fought on behalf of civil-rights laws aimed at protecting black Americans. He also signed a bill that allowed women attorneys to appear before the US Supreme Court. Hayes’ honesty and fairness contributed to a renewed respect for the presidency.

Trivia: His wife Lucy was first college-educated First Lady; banned dancing, smoking, alcohol and card playing from White House; first president to use a telephone in office (it was installed in 1879 by Alexander Graham Bell); held first Easter egg roll on White House lawn; first president to visit West Coast while in office.