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William Howard Taft

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Purchased from a collectable store that went out of business, this piece has been carefully checked, and is in perfect condition with the original box.


Interior: IRS 332 - IRS founded under Taft, he weighed 332 lbs. when he left office

William Howard Taft Curriculum Vitae
Presidential Number: 27th
Years President: 1909-1913
Party Affiliation: Republican
Main Contender: William Jennings Bryan
State Represented: Ohio
Birthday: September 15, 1857
Place Of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio
Higher Education: Yale University, Cincinnati Law School
Prior Occupations: Federal Circuit Judge, Professor of Law, Secretary of War, Governor-General of the Philippines
Height: 6 feet
Favorite Food: Turtle soup
Hobbies: Golf, horseback riding
Pets: Dog named Caruso, cows named Mooly Wooly and Pauline Wayne
Legacy: Prosecuted the trusts, strengthened Interstate Commerce Commission, established Yellowstone National Park, expanded the civil service, established better postal system, 16th amendment – authorizing a federal income tax, 17th amendment – mandating direct election of senators by the people instead of state legislatures.
Trivia: First president to occupy the Oval Office, 10th Chief Justice of the U.S. (only person in history who led both the US Judicial and Executive branches), one of the busiest streets in Manila, Philippines named after him – Taft Avenue, heaviest president in history, weighing over 350 pounds.