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William McKinley - Harmony Ball - Jules Enchanting Gifts

William McKinley

$ 15.00

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Interior: Palm Tree

William McKinley Curriculum Vitae
Presidential Number: 25th
Years President: 1897-1901
Party Affiliation: Republican
Main Contender: William Jennings Bryan
State Represented: Ohio
Birthday: January 29, 1843
Place Of Birth: Niles, Ohio
Higher Education: Mount Union College, Allegheny College, Albany Law School
Prior Occupations: Soldier, Lawyer, Congressman, Governor
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Favorite Food: Bacon and eggs
Hobbies: Horseback riding, swimming, walking, opera, theater, cribbage
Pets: Parrot (could whistle “Yankee Doodle”), an Angora cat
Legacy: The U.S. officially became a world colonial power during his presidency. He declared war against Spain in the Spanish-American War; annexed the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam and Hawaii; and set up a protectorate over Cuba. The U.S. officially placed its money on the gold standard with the passage of the Gold Standard Act of 1900.
Trivia: First president to ride in an automobile. First to campaign by telephone. His inauguration was the first to be recorded on film. His wife hated the color yellow – banned all things yellow from the White House and ordered all yellow flowers in the garden to be uprooted. Only clean shaven president between Andrew Johnson and Wilson. Last veteran of the Civil War to be elected. Third president to be assassinated.