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Wanda's Yak

Wanda's Yak

$ 75.00

Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Made In: England

Release Date: 11/14

Fixed Edition of 250

S e c r e t s:

We struggled for a while to find an appropriate name for this piece - the first yak I have ever carved.  In the end, the answer was actually the reason I carved it - I had just finished carving a piece for our 2018 New Orleans collectors' event and I was debating what my next creation would be.  I wanted to carve something I hadn't tried before and I received an email from an avid collector called Wanda.

Wanda explained how much she enjoyed the Treasure Jests and she had the A-Z of animals carved by Harmony Kingdom.  However, she was missing a 'Y' and had been hoping for a yak to fill the gap!  Well, how could I refuse?!  Once I had found some photos and read about the yak and its history and evolution and how important it is in Tibet in particular, I was hooked (and nothing to do with the horns!)

This was difficult to cast and had to be cast separately and the horns inserted afterwards to avoid breakage.  I also wanted the colours to be as perfect as I had envisaged so I have hand painted every single one of them.