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20 Aug '15

New Wallets and Sleeves have just Arrived!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone in Aluminum Wallets, Pretty Wallets, RFID Security

When the makers of Pretty Tools - Fig Design - came out with these Aluminum Armor wallets a few years back, I was very impressed.  My customers were even more pleased!  One of the fastest selling lines I've carried in almost 18 years of business, these wallets still fly out the door every day.  They protect you against RFID theft (which is when a thief can steal all of the information out of your wallet without ever touching you, just by holding an electronic gizmo near you - obviously a very serious issue) and they're handy and fun, too!  I hear regularly "well I have one, but it's just a boring silver!"  They're not boring now!  With images ranging from Monet and Van Gogh, to Floral, Plaid, Butterflies, Camo, Damask, Leather Look, Paisley and more, the newest designs are Pansies, Rose, Iris and Sunflowers.  Or, if you really love your wallet and don't care for the Aluminum look, but of course want the protection, sleeves are a great option.  The two newest sets of designs are Birds & Floral and they're beautiful!