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Amia Glass

Amia Studios has now unfortunately closed their doors.  The pandemic, supply chain issues, and raising costs have contributed to the sad ending of this gorgeous line.  We managed to place one last order of items from their warehouse, but when they're gone, they're gone forever.  So order now while supplies last!
AMIA Studios, the nation's top-selling designer and maker of exquisite, innovative glass window art and other hand-painted glass, has worked smartly—and consistently—to earn its reputation as the category leader in the giftware industry.

To assure the quality of its products, AMIA manufactures its own glass. It is the only company using 'ripple glass', a natural surfaced textured glass that has a gentle rolling wave appearance similar to cathedral glass. Ripple glass has a majestic appearance, and in-house manufacturing ensures an attractive price point. Once produced, the glass is painted by hand with the world's highest-quality paints.

This attention to design and craftsmanship continues in the production of every AMIA glass product. "The real work starts with creating our extensive variety of designs," says Damron. AMIA glass giftware is created by licensed artists and skilled studio artisans, with an emphasis on authenticity of design, carefully selected colors and manufacturing details such as chroming all Suncatchers' framework for a sparking finish.

AMIA is headquartered in Camdenton, MO., with international offices and a world-class design studio in Hong Kong. John Damron's Hong Kong-based partner, Amia Li, supervises administration, design, and production at AMIA. John Damron also serves as AMIA's Art Director, focusing on new product development.

AMIA's ongoing commitment to finely detailed workmanship, leading-edge product designs, and innovative methods for creating hand-painted glass has resulted in the company's steady growth rate.