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19 Jun '17

New stuff!

Posted by Jill Klein Rone in Harmony Kingdom, New, News
Surprise!  It's me again, Momager.  I don't want you to get bored with me, so i'm purposely keeping my posts few and a while in between. ;-)  (Jules: that's her story and she seems to be sticking to it... )  It seems like every time i come in, there's new stuff!  Or maybe, it's my memory and it only seems like new stuff.  (A little of both, actually.)  That works for me.  It's like forgetting that you've already met or know someone and meeting them all over again.  I love having new people in my life!  But i digress.  (Frequently.  ;) )  There really is new..... old stuff in the store.  You may have heard that we've had a big influx of new/old visitors.... the Roly Polys!  Right, like old friends re-entering your life.  If you know these little guys, then you know how cool they are, and if you don't, well, come on in or visit the website and see for yourself.  And if i'm here when you come in, introduce yourself (again?)  I promise to be just as nice whether i know you or not!  Cause i'm just that kind of person - i get it from Jules!! :-) And you can, too.... get neat stuff from Jules, that is... Say goodbye, Jill..... Goodbye, Jill!   (Bye, mom!)
29 May '17

Harmony Kingdom Blog Spectacular!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone in 20th Anniversary, Harmony Kingdom, New, News
A long time ago,
in a galaxy far far away ...
(Okay, actually, it was right here, and 20 years ago to be exact, but that's not nearly as interesting of a lead in) ... I started working in this cool little shop.  
My favorite line was the neatest collection of collectables, called Harmony Kingdom.
Created in England, these intricately carved animals, flowers and figures are not JUST amazing works of art, they also have some special hidden way of opening that makes them boxes!
Look inside to see a hidden surprise - another animal, dinner, something sweet or funny. Inside the flowers you'll find Lord Byron, the gentleman ladybug, and all of his adventures!
20 Years later, I'm still fascinated every time a new piece is introduced.  The two latest - Caterwauling Capers & Moving House - are absolutely fantastic:
Have you explored the Harmony Kingdom?
See me ramble about how much I love Harmony Kingdom and show off some of my favorite pieces in this facebook live video:
14 Apr '17


Posted by Jules Happy Rone in 20th Anniversary, News


There were some pretty amazing women kicking butt in 1997. 

Buffy started Slaying on TV.  Kate Winslet's heart was going on at the box office.  Madeline Albright became the first female Secretary of State in United States history.  (Wow!) 
And, in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, Jules Enchanting Gifts opened on October 13, 1997.
It's hard to believe that this year we'll celebrate our 20th Anniversary!
So, this is your six month warning, we're planning one HECK of a party.  Save the Date - Saturday, October 14th, 2017!  Games, giveaways, sales, specials, food, drink, we're going to have it all...  
I also have some REALLY cool news that I can't share with you guys quite yet, but I can't wait until I can tell everyone, it's so exciting!!  Definitely time for a new step in the Jules brand ...
#staytuned #julesenchantinggiftsturns20 
04 Apr '17

"It all began in the kitchen ... "

Posted by Jules Happy Rone in 20th Anniversary, News, Steinway & Sons
So if you follow us on facebook or instagram - and if you don't, why not?  ;) - you already know that I spent a fascinating day last Friday at the Shenandoah University 2017 Business Symposium.
I got up entirely too early and drove in torrential rains, drove around for a long time looking for a parking spot ... life sure is an adventure sometimes, right?  :p  lol  
The first speaker was a man named Ron Losby, the president and CEO of Steinway & Sons.  He told the story of how Steinway came to be (a truly fascinating story, look it up when you have the chance, I was mesmerized!) but I have to say that I was really taken by his first slide.  I was a little too slow to take the picture, but it said:
"It all began in the kitchen."
Now for most people that's probably not that interesting of a sentence, but you know what Steinway & Sons has in common with Jules Enchanting Gifts?  It all began in the kitchen.  19.5 years ago my mother and I sat at the dining room table having dinner.  We were talking about the fact that the woman who owned the shop where I worked was either selling or going out of business.  It's at that table, in that kitchen, that the idea for Jules Enchanting Gifts was born.  I saw several very interesting speakers on Friday, and was truly motivated and inspired, but I have to say, one of the things that really stuck with me was that reminder.
To me it reminds me that all it takes is one crazy idea ...
#staytuned #julesenchantinggiftsturns20
25 Mar '17

"Love this shop...thank you for being open!"

Posted by Jill Klein Rone in Coozie, Freaker USA, Fun Gifts, New

The Momager's First Blog Post!

Oh my gosh..... Josh just keeps the hits coming.  New crystal clusters, hummingbirds and butterflies flitting about, casting rainbows and good feelings. Only part of why the lady said, "I love this shop!  It's so much fun!!  Thank you for being open!" I love it, too.  It's been a treat to spend four days in here while Jules basks in the sunshine and re-energizes her little energizer bunny batteries.  You know she never stops thinking of all of you and the wonderful ways she can add to the feel-good, just-have-to-smile retail therapy people like the lady above experience when they are surrounded with the enchantment of Jules. Treat yourself and come visit, virtual is ok, too.  Join the fun on Facebook!  If you've been there, you've seen the photos of the new Freakers - pretty amazing that one size fits all..... because, well, you know., size matters.

Ok, I did it.  I'm not quite a dinosaur when it comes to technology, more like a hatching dragon.  My question to Jules, did I use enough exclamation points?!!!  

Love & laughter, Jules' Momager, Jill



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