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Truth Bomb with your Bath Bomb

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

After a long weekend, I decided I deserved a treat: an orange coconut Bubbly Belle bath bomb! (Try saying that five times fast!) They smell amazing, it's all natural good ingredients, a small, woman owned company out of Florida makes them, and you get a shiny surprise when they're done melting - check out my new bling! Jules fun fact: this is not the first time that I have appeared in marketing wearing just a towel. Way back when, dear friend and local marketing goddess Jeanne Mozier used to come into the store and say, I have a film crew across the street at the Roman baths, will you come be our model? So, I would put a sign on the door that said 'be right back!', run across the street and model our amazing Roman baths! (We're kiiiinda known for our water around here ya know.) Footage appeared locally, nationally, and I even appeared on Brazilian television - all in just a towel. 😂 Bet you didn't know THAT about your local shopkeeper! 😉 #truthbombwithyourbathbomb