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With Special Sparkles, Fabulous FUNctionals & Captivating Collectables, we’ve been creating Smiles since 1997. Let us help you find yours!

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About Us

When I was 17 I did something wild and crazy.  No, it didn’t involve piercings or tattoos or even a bizarre hair color – in fact when I came home from Summer camp at 14 with pink streaks in my hair my Mother and several of her friends wanted to know how I did it; they all wanted to try it for themselves.

This was something even crazier: I bought a store.

In May of 1997 I started working in a small art gallery in Berkeley Springs.  By August I was the manager, and in October the owner - a painter who’d tried to make it work for three years before running out of time, energy and money - gave up and sold it to me. Every dime of the cash I paid for it was mine, but my Mother had to sign the papers because I was underage.  I was scared and overwhelmed, but excited and I had a pretty good grasp on what I wanted it to become.

After much consideration, I put my name on the door. "Jules" not only shared part of myself with my customers, but also served a practical purpose; it described what I carried. I have chosen every item in my store carefully to make sure that each piece is truly a "jewel." Gradually I phased out the paintings and moved the focus to unique gifts and collectables.  Hand crafted boxes from England, Fairies, Crystals, Glass, Chimes, Cards, Books, Aluminum Wallets, handmade jewelry from Peru and Pretty Tools™.  I pride myself on being a shop where you can come and find the perfect gift for someone else or for yourself. I hope you enjoy these special treats as much as I do.

In 1998, when the internet was still a new ‘fad’, I launched my first web site.  It was 8 whole pages with about 6 images.  Since then I’ve shipped to every state and 20 countries and I give my online customers the feel of a small town gift shop, no matter how far away they are.

20 years have brought lots of ups and downs in an ever adapting world as I watch businesses around me come and go.  This year I’m proud to be one of the oldest gift shops in town as I celebrate the 20th anniversary of this wild and crazy idea.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back again soon,
Jules Happy Rone