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These wonderful Armor Wallets are our all time fastest seller and with their beautiful design and security features you can see why!

RFID theft is a major concern, which is when a thief can steal all of the information out of your wallet without ever touching you, just by holding an electronic gizmo near you. For many years it was more common overseas but now it's definitely an issue in the states. I had one woman in the store recently who'd been advised by her bank to get a wallet like this before a recent trip to Russia.  Another had had her information stolen at a movie theater just down the road.

  • Holds credit cards, cash, business cards & receipts
  • Fits easily in a purse or pocket
  • Keeps your information safe, secure & dry
  • Decorative designs for women or men
  • Great gift idea!

Want more information about RFID theft and how it works?  Wondering if the new chips protect you from this?  (Spoiler alert - they don't. :( )  Go read our blog post about it for more info!