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Happy Hearts Upcycled Glass Earrings

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Each piece of kiln-fired glass has been upcycled into these stunning earrings - honestly they're even prettier in person and I had to force myself to only keep one pair of the first batch. ūüėČ Smooth like ocean glass, but shiny and sparkly, these earrings are a great gift idea - for any occassion, or just a normal boring day.

With sterling silver plated hearts, 925 Sterling Silver Nickel-free Hypoallergenic Hooks, and silicone earring backs, each pair is one of a kind and a work of "heart."  

Each pair is approximately 1.5"-1.75" long, some are a rectangle, some are angled in toward the bottom.  No two pieces of glass are identical, so the pairs will always be a close match.  If there's something specific you like, we'll do our best to accommodate requests.

Our earrings are Handmade with Love in Berkeley Springs, WV.  

Oh you guys, I am SO excited to show you what I've been working on!

With the creation of our Jules Tones Wind Chimes came extra glass. Ends of pieces, pieces with a chip or a nick or a tiny imperfection ... anyone who knows me won't be surprised to hear that I'm kiiiind of a perfectionist when it comes to what I sell. (Hey! Stop laughing! ūüėā) If the piece isn't perfect it doesn't go on a wind chime.

That meant we had a lot of glass left over and nothing to do with it. Several ideas were kicked around, and finally I took the plunge and bought a beautiful new glass kiln! There are many MANY ideas planned, but this is the first introduction of our glass Jules-ery ūüėŹ!

Color Options:

Red - from cherry to ruby, these red glass earrings definitely pop

Orange - we're crushing on these bright colors

Amber - every shade of golden from light to deep

Green - a perfect shamrock shade

Teal Green - mix a little blue in with the green and you have a stunning shade

Aqua Blue - bright and cheery, this is one of my favorites

Cobalt Blue - smooth or rippled, this dark glass shows one of the prettiest blues

Purple - this dark purple really pops, especially against light hair (like mine, this was the first pair I chose!)  If you're looking for a more purple purple, unfortunately it just doesn't exist in our glass options at this time, but we always have our eyes open!

Moondance - this rippled iridescent glass is just gorgeous, and so much prettier than the pictures

Purple Rain - this purple iridized glass has so many colors in it, see what you see in the reflection!

Blue Blazes - blue iridescent glass shines and shimmers and sparkles, so pretty!

Surprise Me! - we often have glass that doesn't fit in with one of these colors, choose this and we'll surprise you with a one of a kind color!