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Freaker USA

Once upon a time a multi-tasking shopkeeper was half paying attention to a pod-cast about a product launch.  Slowly the other tasks got left by the wayside as the shopkeeper got drawn in to this wild and wonderful tale.  The story goes that this company did pretty much everything every business "expert" says not to do.  ;)  That means either they're brilliant (very possible) or they have a REALLY good product.  
  • Made in North Carolina (that means it's made right here in the USA from all USA sourced materials!) these knit koozies are Freaking awesome.  
  • Insulates hot and cold.
  • Fit your beer bottle or can, and also your sports bottle, your water bottle, your shake bottle, your wine bottle, heck, even your sippy cup!  
  • Machine washable when needed, they are stylin, stylish, and now that you know they exist, you probably want one.  
I know that was the end result of this shopkeeper listening to that pod cast, and I know you will love them just as much!
Summer Update: here's the new reason I LOVE my Freakers: On one of my rare days off last week, I went to the movies.  When I got out of the movies, as is often the case this time of year, it was approximately a billion degrees in the car.  I reached for my water bottle expecting it to feel like it was hot enough to make tea and taste like hot plastic.  Mmm, my favorite!  :-p  Instead of the water scalding my tongue, it was nice and cool!  I looked at the bottle for a second while my hot brain caught up.  Oh yeah, Freakers INSULATE!!!  A few hours of shopping later, and the water was still cool.  How COOL is that?  :D
The koozies were so amazing I just HAD to order the Freaker Feet, we hope you'll like them just as much!