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When the people who sell me the amazing Shashibo puzzle cubes tell me they have a new line ... sign me up!

Step into the limitless world of HyperTiles®! These aren't just shapes; they're your ticket to endless creativity. Link, flex, and watch them move into unexpected, uniquely fun forms! With HyperTiles®, your imagination is the only limit. Get ready for surprises at every turn—let the adventure begin!

  • Each set of HyperTiles comes with a rainbow of pieces and two packets of white connectors!

HyperTiles are a radically fun new construction toy based on a mathematical shape called a hyperbolic paraboloid. HyperTiles ® are simple, super-versatile shapes that can be linked together in an infinite number of combinations – providing endless options, surprising outcomes, and hours of 3-dimensional adventure!

HyperTiles® are Radically Fun!

Dive into the extraordinary world of HyperTiles, the groundbreaking construction toy that unlocks the magic of hyperbolic surfaces for children. Unlike anything on the market, HyperTiles transforms playtime into a thrilling adventure of exploration, where every build leads to unpredictable and surprising outcomes. Crafted through cutting-edge innovation, HyperTiles was prototyped and tested using state-of-the-art 3-D printed models. 

This sensation took the toy community by storm with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2021, hitting its goal in a jaw-dropping 7 hours and ultimately soaring over 300% in funding. Imagine the excitement—HyperTiles has been preordered by none other than one of Missouri's top three school districts, securing 120 deluxe sets for its gifted and talented program. Join the adventure and let HyperTiles redefine the possibilities of play!

About the Inventor, Robert Becker

Using his 36 years of experience teaching high school science, Robert developed the only toy on the market that allows children to investigate hyperbolic surfaces and promote exploratory play. Fun Fact: Robert was voted Missouri Teacher of the Year in 2011.