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Happy Hearts Upcycled Glass Suncatchers

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Each piece of kiln-fired glass has been upcycled into these stunning suncatchers - and honestly they're even prettier in person! 😉 Smooth like a worry stone, they shine in a window or as a fan pull.  A great gift idea - for Valentine's day, Galentine's Day, or just a normal boring day.

Each suncatcher is a one of a kind work of "heart."  

Approximately 1.5"-2" across and strung with white ribbon, no two hearts are identical, but we really think you'll like what you see.  If there's something specific you like, we'll do our best to accommodate requests.

Our suncatchers are Handmade with Love in Berkeley Springs, WV.  

Oh you guys, I am SO excited to show you what I've been working on!

With the creation of our Jules Tones Wind Chimes came extra glass. Ends of pieces, pieces with a chip or a nick or a tiny imperfection ... anyone who knows me won't be surprised to hear that I'm kiiiind of a perfectionist when it comes to what I sell. (Hey! Stop laughing! 😂) If the piece isn't perfect it doesn't go on a wind chime.

That meant we had a lot of glass left over and nothing to do with it. Several ideas were kicked around, and finally I took the plunge and bought a beautiful new glass kiln! There are many MANY ideas planned, but this is the first introduction of our glass Suncatchers 😏!

Color Options:

Red - from cherry to ruby, these red hearts are just what you'd expect a heart to be

Rainbow - Well, you can probably guess

Fire - a melding of reds, oranges and amber

Red and White Swirl Opaque - Glass from our gorgeous Fire on the Mountain Limited Edition chimes makes for a gorgeous swirled heart

Black and White Swirl Opaque - Glass from our stunning Smoke on the Water Limited Edition chimes makes for an absolutely stunning swirled heart

Shades of Blue - from Sky to Cobalt, we use every shade (if you'd prefer lighter or darker please specify when you order)

Dark Purple - this dark purple looks almost black until you put it in a window, then you can see the purple really pop!  If you're looking for a more purple purple, unfortunately it just doesn't exist in our glass options at this time, but we always have our eyes open!

Dark Purple/Blue/Red - as with the dark purple, this combo looks almost black until you put it in a window, then you can see the colors appear like magic!  

Surprise Me! - don't want to decide?  Think they all sound beautiful?  (Spoiler alert - they are!)  We also often have glass that doesn't fit in with one of these colors, choose this option and we'll surprise you with a gorgeous heart that you don't have to decide on!  ;)