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Our book selection could basically be summed up in one word: eclectic.  From board books that teach about famous artists - from Van Gogh to George Lucas - to children's books that introduce a new generation to Abbott and Costello and to funny animals that fart ...  We have books to learn how to speak Wookie, books to teach you survival skills - be they in the wild, or in the wilds of dating - books that show what it would have been like had Darth Vadar been an active father, books for parents, books for cat or dog lovers, basically we have books for all ages and all interests.  The only real prerequisite is that you enjoy a good book ... and a sense of humor doesn't hurt either!

Please enjoy your look through our library, and if there's something you've seen in our store that you don't see here, shoot me an e-mail, I'm adding new titles here all the time.

P.S.  In this library you can laugh as loud as you want, we promise we won't glare over our glasses with a finger to our lips!  ;)