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Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs

When I find a new product, I know if it's going to fit in in MY store, that it has to be unique.  I don't just sell candles, I sell hand painted flat candles.  I don't just sell stuffed animals, I sell stuffed animals that you can warm in the microwave!  And, when I find bath bombs, they're not just bath bombs ... they also contain a surprise ring inside!
After a long weekend recently, I decided I deserved a treat: an orange coconut Bubbly Belle bath bomb! (Try saying that five times fast!) They smell amazing, it's all natural good ingredients, a small, woman owned company out of Florida makes them, and you get a shiny surprise when they're done melting - check out my new bling! Jules fun fact: this is not the first time that I have appeared in marketing wearing just a towel. Way back when, dear friend and local marketing goddess Jeanne Mozier used to come into the store and say, I have a film crew across the street at the Roman baths, will you come be our model? So, I would put a sign on the door that said 'be right back!', run across the street and model our amazing Roman baths! (We're kiiiinda known for our water around here ya know.) Footage appeared locally, nationally, and I even appeared on Brazilian television - all in just a towel. 😂 Bet you didn't know THAT about your local shopkeeper! 😉 #truthbombwithyourbathbomb
Handmade in Florida, these bath bombs are carefully crafted using essential oils and natural ingredients and are paraben-free.  When the bomb finishes melting in your bath, a little egg will float to the surface with a ring inside!  
All of the adjustable rings are hypoallergenic and free from nickel and lead. Rhodium plating is a finish put on all of our white gold fine rings. Rhodium is a beautiful reflective white metal that gives your white gold jewelry that dazzling ultra white look. It's part of the platinum family and holds the distinction of being the world's most expensive precious metals.

The rings are custom designed by the Bubbly Belle inhouse jewelry designers with beautiful CZ center stones. With hundreds of unique designs found only at Bubbly Belle, you’ll find a new surprise with every bath.

Don’t forget to enter in your unique code found with every ring to see how much your ring is worth! 
  • Just draw a warm bath
  • Drop your bath bomb and enjoy
  • Wait for the plastic egg to pop to the surface
  • Find your surprise ring and reveal it's value by entering in your unique code.
About Bubbly Belle:
At Bubbly Belle, we're building a self-care company that will last forever. That means we're making products so great and helping people in a way that they can't help but tell their friends and family!

And so far that's what happened. We're sincerely grateful to all our loyal customers that have supported us through our first few years in business. We've seen your thousands of stories on social media, your 30,000 5 star reviews, and the thousands of you that subscribe to our products every month!

As a self care company, we’re all about ingredients first. That means we study ingredients and wouldn’t put anything in our products that we wouldn’t put on ourselves or family. You'll find 100% pure essential oils in all of our products. Unlike other companies, we have the GC/MS testing to prove it. We intentionally blend essential oils to give you the relief you’re looking for whether that's a good night's sleep, destressing from a tough day, or rejuvenating for the day ahead.
Over 50 Bubbly Belle employees work everyday to hand make your bath bomb. With ingredients we would only give to our families, we take pride in every bath bomb made in our facility. From our family to yours, we’re excited for you try our bath bombs and for you to become a lifelong fan of Bubbly Belle!