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Oh My Gosh Josh



A few years ago I was flipping through a trade magazine, only to be stopped dead by the stunning creations advertised there. Oh My Gosh Josh is the name of the line, and what we say every time we receive a shipment. These crystal creations are just gorgeous and the perfect gift for those you love, or for yourself. With Angels, Fairy Godmothers, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Chakra Crystals and Mobiles, they're even prettier in person than in the photographs, and we can guarantee when you see them you'll also be saying "Oh My Gosh Josh!"

Oh My Gosh Josh creations are assembled in Sedona, Arizona, from real crystals and glass beads.  Since they are hand assembled, some slight variation with colors may occur.  How could they not pick up on great energy when they come from beauty like this:



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