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Trixie & Milo Multi-Tools

Guys.  We love them.  (We love you, guys!)  But MAN are they hard to shop for!  (Pun absolutely intended.)

I'm always on the lookout for great gifts for guys - both for my personal gift giving and for carrying in the store - so when I found Trixie & Milo and saw just how COOL their products are, it was a no brainer.


Now, obviously these gifts can be given to women as well - I'm a handy gal who will absolutely have one of these hammers in my toolbox - and they make great gifts for housewarming, gardeners, or just handy people.  And, they're going to make great gifts for MEN!  ;)


These are sharp tools, so please keep in mind that they're not toys and should not be given to children (or clumsy adults) without supervision.