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New Wallets are a Scream! (And why you really need one.)

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

Oh my God you guys! Like, new wallets have just arrived and they're, like, totally awesome! (Is it just me, or does everyone imagine The Scream as a valley girl? Just me? Oh...that's cool. ) Mona Lisa, The Touch, Butterflies, Hummingbirds and more + same great RFID theft protection + same amazing price (only $10 each!) makes for a happy wallet any way you look at it! (I choose to think the screamer is just very excited to be on a wallet. )

Aluminum Armor Wallets

Wondering what's up with these awesomely amazing wallets?  Well, I'm so glad you asked!

So you know that little chip that you have in most of your credit cards?  The one that makes it take longer at check out in most stores.  The one that has every cashier and waiter using un-ladylike and un-gentlemanly language?  So that chip is meant to protect your credit card information.  YAY, right?  Yes, that IS a great thing.  But (there's always a but, isn't there?) what the chip protects against are the data breeches that have happened in the big chains like Target and Home Depot because it adds a layer of protection in the Corporate system computers ONLY.

For those of us out and about with our credit cards in our pocket or our purse, the chip is actually not protected, it's very vulnerable to hacking.  Thieves can easily and cheaply buy what's called a RFID (radio frequency identification) scanner.  Then, if they're within 3 feet of you, they can scan all of the information off of that credit card chip, and voila, they have your information.  They can do this through your pocket, purse, wallet, gum wrappers, tissues, and whatever else might be hanging out cluttering your pockets and purse.  It's actually kind of scary when you think about it.

Don't be scared, we're here to help - and the solution is cute, too!

Aluminum Armor Wallets are one of our favorite and best selling lines for several reasons.

  • Made of sturdy waterproof aluminum that blocks the RFID signal
  • Aluminum wallets hold credit cards, cash, business cards & receipts
  • Fit easily in a purse or pocket
  • Keeps your information safe, secure & dry
  • Decorative designs for women or men
  • Great gift idea!  (If I'm giving a gift card, I love to give it in one of these!)
Thinking to yourself "that's great, but I have way too many credit cards to fit in there" or "but...but...I really love the wallet I have now!"  We can help there, too!  Check out the Armor Sleeves.  These patented tear resistant sleeves are the perfect size to slide your credit card into, then slide into your wallet and have the same great protection as Armor Wallets.
One of my favorite things about MY aluminum armor wallet is that I can grab it out of my purse and put it in my pocket and have my drivers license, credit cards, cash and business cards - without the extra 25 pounds of random purse ingredients on my shoulder!  (My chiropractor really approves.)  Plus, I can easily see everything when I open the wallet, which makes life so much easier.
All my friends carry either the Aluminum Armor Wallets or Armor Sleeves so I think that means all the cool kids are doing it.  ;)  And, at only $10 each ($7.95 for a set of 4 Sleeves) they won't break your bank while they save your bank!
We love them all, which is your favorite?
Be Safe * Be Smart * Be Stylish * Be RFID Protected!