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The Jules Under $25 Gift Guide - Updated for 2022!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

The 2022 Jules under $25 holiday gift guide is here! From family, to friends, to coworkers, to neighbors, to white elephant matter who you're gifting, we have you covered. 

Yesterday a customer stopped in the shop.  "I have an adult daughter who's impossible to buy for.  What do you suggest?"  Five minutes later she walked out having completely checked her off her list.  Another friend reached out last week to tell me how amazing every item she'd bought for her son had gone over.  "He wouldn't put the Shashibo down, his wife keeps asking to play with it and he won't let her.  Guess I'm getting her one for Christmas too!"

This is the time of year that we all start going, what on EARTH am I going to get my [insert hard to shop for person here] for the holidays?

From family, to friends, to coworkers, to neighbors, to white elephant matter who you're gifting, we have you covered. These are just a few of our many MANY options, come see us in person or shop online, we'll ship it right to you - or them! 🎁🎁🎁 You don't have to spend a fortune to shop small. 😉


#1 Shashibo Puzzle Cubes

These Shashibo Fidget Cubes are the coolest thing ever! With over 70 different shapes you can make, this will occupy hands for hours!  You can see why they were toy of the year in 2020 and a runner up for toy of the year in 2021.  Check out the new designs - pro-tip, you can even put several together to form even MORE shapes!

#2 Modgy VasesLuminaries & Suction Cup Vases

These fascinating Luminaries have quickly become a customer favorite. Fill with water, then add one of the water activated LED candles! An amazing gift for friends and family, but also for people you don't know as well - neighbors, co-workers, white elephant gifts, etc!  Check out their Vases and Suction Cup Vases too!

#3 Warmies Hot-Paks and Warmies Slippers

Warmies Hot-Paks are a great gift for anyone on your list. Filled with flax seeds and organic French lavender, you can warm them in the microwave or chill them in the freezer for a soft comfy warm or cold pack for the body part that ails you. If you want to really treat yourself, check out the Microwavable Slippers - the only thing on this list over $25 but my GOODness they're worth it to keep your feet warm!

#4 Puzzles

Puzzles are great for EVERYone on your list. We have puzzles from 24 pieces to 1000 pieces, so there's sure to be something for every size hands and every ability. A great family gift, we have every type of design - animals, holiday, cute kids, cars, fantasy, and more!

#5 Aluminum Armor Wallets

These Aluminum Wallets have been one of our best sellers for many MANY years. They're pretty, they're functional, and they make life so much easier. Give them alone, or tuck a gift card inside!

#6 Games

In my household there was always a puzzle or a game under the tree, because you're going to need something to do once the present opening frenzy is over. 😉 We have games for little ones, and games not for little ones, but they're all so much fun!

#7 Finger Puppet Board Books

These finger puppet books are the sweetest thing ever! Go traditional with the puppies or kittens, or outside the box with a dragon, unicorn or yeti! Whatever you choose, they're sure to make a little one smile, and probably you, too!

#8 Flatyz Hand Painted Candles

These may just be the coolest candles ever. Each one individually hand painted, they're smokeless, dripless, and are the absolute perfect gift for anyone on your list. One of my favorite parts? They're SO easy to wrap! 😉

#9 Poo-Pourri

We all do it, so we all need it! I couldn't even count the number of people who have bought it as a joke ... then come back for more because they realized how great it is!

#10 Silicone Wine Glasses

I never cry over spilled milk ... but I do cry over broken wine glasses! With these hilarious silicone wine glasses, you'll never have a tear ...unless you laugh too hard when reading them!

#11 Whiskey River Soap

After the last couple years I think even the most OCD of us are washing our hands MORE, so why not have some fun with your soap? It doesn't matter if you're buying for a Bestie, an Introvert, or someone who needs a badge because they're definitely a member of the Grammar Police, these soaps smell amazing and are such great gifts!

#12 Mugs

Yes, I know, we all seem to have a lot of mugs ... but when they're this funny they really do make perfect gifts. There's probably one that fits every person on your list!

#13 Multi-Tools

Just In!  These amazing multi-tools are the best gift for the handy person on your list!  ...or the not so handy so could use a little help.  ;)  This hammer is 12 different tools, the credit card size multi-tool has become my go-to gift, and there are all sorts of options that make great stocking stuffers and gifts!  While they make great gifts for both sexes, this REALLY checks off a lot of the very hard to shop for GUYS on my list!

#14 Tape Measures

These tiny Tape Measures are PERFECT for slipping in a pocket or purse or glove compartment. I keep one in my junk drawer, one in the car, one in my computer case ... and speaking of great stocking stuffers!

#15 Crystals

Add some sparkle to your life! Our crystals are all sizes and all prices, but ALL sparkle. Beautiful in any window, they're also stunning on a tree! 

#16 Warmies

EVERYone needs a Warmie! These sweet creatures are all microwavable or freezable for warm or cold snuggles. I warm my sloth every night before bed during the Winter. I know of a mom who warms her daughter's cat every morning before they go out to get in the cold car to go to school. She tucks the warmed cat right under her daughter's coat for warm adorableness! 😍

#17 Unemployed Philosopher's Guild Soap

Baby soaps are great stocking stuffers too! Artists, authors, superheroes, scientists ... there's someone for everyone!

#18 Books

Everyone always needs another book ... or seven. From pop culture icons, to cute animals, to uplifting advice, we have something fun for everyone!

#19 Freaker Socks & Koozies

Spice Squirrels - they're what you really really want.  Unless you'd prefer John Lemon, Zero Fox Given, The Dude (Big Lebowski), or Mr Kit-Tee (he kitties the fool!)  These hilarious socks and koozies are made in the USA, super soft and comfortable, and a great gift idea!

#20 Coloring and Activity Books

A friend calls coloring books "chewing gum for the hands" and he's not wrong. Sometimes you can lose yourself in the distraction of coloring, sometimes it's just something nice to keep your hands occupied while your mind wanders. Either way, these are great activity books!

+ 1 Extra Idea ...

Jules Gift Cards!

When you don't know what's perfect, let them choose the right gift for themselves!  


So that's 20+1 of our best ideas for gifts under $25.  But that doesn't mean that's anywhere close to all of the ideas.  Take a look at the links on the left and explore our site for more awesome gift ideas. may even get an idea for yourself!  ;)