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After Christmas Sale Time!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

Did someone not pick up on the hints you’ve been artfully dropping the last few months?  

Did you forget someone on your list?  

Did someone get lazy and give you cash to buy your own present?  

You know we always have you covered, and this year even more than ever!

I’ve just
marked down over 100 items 25% off!  And, since some of these great goodies were already on sale, when you figure in the additional 25% off, some are 40-50% off now!

Promise I won’t drone on about how great our stuff is, hopefully you already know that, so I’ll just encourage you to take a look:

Use code FALALA to receive the extra 25% off through December 31st!

Don’t forget, our free standard shipping on orders over $35 lasts until 2016!

Some of these we only have one left.  Some have never been on sale before but I think you are all so great and deserving that I figured what the heck.  My point is, you should check this sale out now before the item you want is gone!

Thank you so much for your business in 2015, here’s to a fantastic 2016!

Jules : )