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A Change is Gonna Come ...

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

Oh change.  Why must you be such a challenge?  It's January, and every January I find myself looking back while I look forward.  (I'm very talented but sometimes my neck does get tired.)  ;) 

2017 was such an interesting year.  We celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Jules.  We started relationships with new vendors and said goodbye to a few who were going away or who were no longer quite the right fit.  We started our very own line of wind chimes.  We made a lot of people smile and a LOT of people laugh.  :)  All in all I'd say it was a pretty good year.

What can we change for 2018?  What SHOULD we change for 2018?  If you know me or have read my blog, by now you probably realize that I'm not much of a fan of change.  I think part of it comes from being a Cancer.  All us Cancers want to do sometimes is crawl into our shell and snuggle in.  And, on a super cold day like today, crawling into a small place and snuggling in sounds VERY good.  But, then there's my business mind that comes to the front.  I haven't been in business for 20 years by playing it safe and doing the same thing year after year.  Heck, if I played it safe I never would have bought a business when I was 17!  It's certainly a challenge.  What's change for change's sake, and what truly needs to adjust to make us better?  For me, January is the month that I start looking at all of that and figuring out what's coming.  Oh 2018, you may not know it yet, but I'm going to make you my ... ahem.  2018, you're mine.  ;)

And, I think we'll keep our favorite new saying from 2017:  "If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies." Here's to a year of butterflies, my darlings, may they all be beautiful.