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25 Aug '19

Christmas in August - 2019 Santa Arrives!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone
It's still hot outside, although not quite as hot.  The leaves are all still green, altho maybe not QUITE as green, and they're thinking a lot about falling these days.  And inside, well, I hate to say it, but we're planning for Christmas.  DON'T PANIC, there's still plenty of Summer left, and don't even get me started on Fall!  We <3 Fall!
But, we also have to plan and prepare for the best holiday season yet.  If you're near Berkeley Springs, make sure you keep an eye on Hometown Holidays in Berkeley Springs to see all the cool stuff we're up to: Cocoa Crawls, Ugly Sweater 5ks, Music, Dancing, Shopping, Celebrating, and probably a partridge in a pear tree for good measure!
Meanwhile, our beloved Harmony Kingdom has released their annual Santa, Sick Bay!  
"Living in the North Pole, Santa is well aware of global warming and wants to increase his 'green' credentials.  Keen to reduce his air miles and prepare for rising sea levels, Santa had his elves build a rowing boat.  Unfortunately, during sea trials, it appears the reindeer have not yet acquired their sea legs and are a bit green around the gills."
Meanwhile, have you seen last year's second holiday piece?  I think some people may have missed Recharge, the fabulous Reindeer adventure!
Now I think I'll go back to Summer and let the holidays come in many months.  Many, many months.  ;)