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Cool New Stuff!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

I really love it when I come across new product that immediately grabs me and that I just know my customers will love.
How excited am I that I've found not one, but TWO new lines just like that in the last couple months?  (Spoiler alert, almost as excited as the cutie in this picture!)
Need something absolutely adorable in your life?  Well, you have me of course, but other than that, now you have Warmies!  These little animals are so cute and incredibly soft, but they're not regular stuffed animals.  No, that would be boring. 😉 Warmies are filled with organic flax seed and lavender, so you can warm them in the microwave (or chill them in the freezer) and the flax seed will retain the temperature, while smelling of lavender and being just perfect for snuggling.  Great for kids, great for adults.  Ditch the heating pad and grab a sloth instead!  
Next, these new candles are SO COOL! Now, when I first found this company I had to think long and hard about if I was going to sell candles. There are some great shops in town that sell candles made out of beeswax or scented with amazing scents or for various specific uses. I had to be sure that if I added a line of candles that I was still being a good neighbor and not duplicating anyone. Flatyz are unlike ANY candle I've ever seen. Hand poured and painted by artists in Lithuania, these flat candles are scentless, dripless and smokeless and they are fabulous. They come completely flat, then just slide the base on and you're good to go. Perfect for gift giving for absolutely everyone on your list, you might just need one or two for yourself, too! Come see why flat is the new awesome! 😉