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10 Gift Ideas under $20 to check off your list!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

Tis the season to be gifting!  Depending on how your year is going, you may be cutting back on how much you spend, or maybe you already have the main gift for that special person and need a few little things to go with it.  Or maybe you need something for a gift exchange or a white elephant?  Whatever reason you might need an awesome gift at a lower price point, we've got you covered.  Here are 10 ideas, all under $20.  

😁  Merry Merry!  



Transforming Mugs  Add hot liquid and the constellations appear, or Bob Ross paints, or Mr Rogers changes his sweater!  The Constellation mug is perfect for someone who loves space, is a science nerd (said with all the love!) or just an awesome gift to someone you don't know what to give!


 Coloring can be such an escape, for kids or adults alike - although some of our coloring books are definitely more appropriate for adults!  ;)  You can also grab a set of colored pencils, they make fantastic gifts!



Games are always a good idea these days, and especially those that can be played by the whole family.  Whether it's the hilariously educational "Who Pooped?" or the darkly comedic "Donner Dinner Party", games make a great gift.

"Hey baby, what's your sign?" is not just a terrible pick up line anymore, but information you need to pick the right Astrology Pencils! ($11.95) With snarky commentary on every sign, you will more than likely recognize yourself or those that you love ... if you want to admit it or not is another story!  Remember, the pencils never lie ...except when they do.

Soap. ($3.95-$9.95) It's that thing we're using every 30 seconds these days (in between using the Hand Sanitizer) so you know we all need it.  Our handmade (in the USA!) soaps smell amazing, and are absolutely hysterical.  Soap for the Middle Child, Soap for the Class of 2020, for Parent Teachers and those that need to Calm the F Down ...there's a soap for everyone on your list.

Add a little sparkle with these beautiful Shimmers!  At about 5" across, they'll spin outside in the wind or add charm to any window.  And, at only $12 each, they make a perfect gift for family, friends, neighbors and even that weird relative who doesn't like anything.  They might not like these either, but chances are better that they will, and at least you won't have broken the bank trying to make them happy!  ;)

We all need an extra little pick-me-up this year, and what better way to remind someone that they are loved, than with an Angel Ring?  These tiny sterling silver rings on Italian sterling silver chains come with a sweet card and make a lovely wearable reminder.  Better yet, this is one of our creations, so we're particularly proud of them.  $19.95 and up for longer chains, also available in Fairy Rings or Cherub Rings.

Hot-Paks!  ($14.95!)  These amazing wraps from the makers of Warmies Stuffed Animals are perfect for aches & pains or just warming you up on cold nights.  Pop one of these soft wraps in the microwave and gently warm the organic flax seeds and lavender inside.  Then use on your neck, back, feet, or anywhere that needs the warmth.  Great for White Elephant gifts, for neighbors, for co-workers, or anyone who needs some extra warmth.  They're freezable too, for cold therapy!

Puzzles  ($5.95-$19.95) A great gift for the whole family, puzzles have become even more popular in 2020.  Something away from the screens we look at so many hours a day, a time for the family to be together, or an activity that can be done by yourself, we have puzzles for every age and ability.

Me getting socks when I was a kid: 


Me getting awesome Socks ($16.95) as an adult:  


Need I say more?

Not sure that I've given you juuust the right idea?  No problem, that's why I have an entire web site of ideas.  Scan the menu on the left and start clicking!  Happy Shopping!