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04 Apr '17

"It all began in the kitchen ... "

Posted by Jules Happy Rone in 20th Anniversary, News, Steinway & Sons
So if you follow us on facebook or instagram - and if you don't, why not?  ;) - you already know that I spent a fascinating day last Friday at the Shenandoah University 2017 Business Symposium.
I got up entirely too early and drove in torrential rains, drove around for a long time looking for a parking spot ... life sure is an adventure sometimes, right?  :p  lol  
The first speaker was a man named Ron Losby, the president and CEO of Steinway & Sons.  He told the story of how Steinway came to be (a truly fascinating story, look it up when you have the chance, I was mesmerized!) but I have to say that I was really taken by his first slide.  I was a little too slow to take the picture, but it said:
"It all began in the kitchen."
Now for most people that's probably not that interesting of a sentence, but you know what Steinway & Sons has in common with Jules Enchanting Gifts?  It all began in the kitchen.  19.5 years ago my mother and I sat at the dining room table having dinner.  We were talking about the fact that the woman who owned the shop where I worked was either selling or going out of business.  It's at that table, in that kitchen, that the idea for Jules Enchanting Gifts was born.  I saw several very interesting speakers on Friday, and was truly motivated and inspired, but I have to say, one of the things that really stuck with me was that reminder.
To me it reminds me that all it takes is one crazy idea ...
#staytuned #julesenchantinggiftsturns20