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Let the light shine

Posted by Jill Klein Rone on

Well, a lot has happened since the last time i wrote a blog post.  It was just 5 days before the big fall!  You know, it's a really good thing to learn to do things with your non dominate hand, like write, brush your hair and teeth, scratch your...whatever needs scratching.  You get the idea.  And it's good for your brain, too! I am so much smarter now ;-)
I missed being here, among the sparkles and laughter. I needed the light and good energy generated by Jules and her family of friends and supporters.  People who come for a gift for a friend, and leave with that and the gift of laughter and well being. With all the clouds, rain and otherwise, it's been kind of dark and dreary.  A trip to Jules might be just what the doctor ordered, a bright spot, full of love, light & laughter.  Come see us, and if you don't leave feeling a little lighter well then....hmmm.... i just don't know what to say, cause i can't imagine that happening!  Maybe i'm not smarter.... 
Oh, and if you've been keeping up.... have you?  You know that there's all sorts of new stuff to tickle your fancy and shiver your timbers - amusing mugs, pontificating pencils, chihuly inspired chimes (not really, couldn't come up with another "ch" sound), soporific soap (not really, look it up, and you'll be smarter, too ;-))  I should probably stop now and simply say new stuff is good stuff! Not as poetic, but totally true!!
Enjoy the rain, y'all.  Might as well, right?  And keep smiling!!! :-)
Be well & happy, Jill  (aka the Momager)