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Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

HOW can it possibly be October? On the one hand, the last year and a half have been about 12 years long, on the other hand, October? Really?

There's so many new fun things to share with you guys, but - at the risk of repeating something you're hearing everywhere these days - there's one thing I really wanted to talk about in a blog post.

You've probably been hearing about supply chain issues anytime you turn on the news. First of all, turn off the news, it's SUPER depressing. Second of all ... it's true. I've been trying to keep ahead of this, placing big orders when I could and trying to get ahead of price increases. That said, I have suppliers already suggesting I schedule for January delivery, because that's the soonest they'll be able to fill new orders. I have suppliers who've already raised prices and some who've warned us that it's coming soon. My stock is doing really well, but that doesn't mean that something you have your eye on won't get cleaned out just before you're ready to order. We won't even start on the shipping issues - both suppliers shipping to us, and us shipping to you.

This isn't said to freak you out, but this is said to inform and encourage you guys to shop early when you can. And, if it gives you a little more understanding of what us retailers (especially small businesses) are dealing with, then win-win!